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Umgee USA is a wholesale apparel company catering to women of all ages, inspired by the comfort and simple designs of everyday life. Our customers will find our

products to be the best in quality and price point. Covering all wardrobe essentials and drawing inspiration from southern bohemian designs, we want our clothing

to be fun, comfortable and be worn for any and all occasions.

With customer service and experience deeply rooted into our core values, we travel nationwide to

multiple trade shows and have an e-commerce presence to provide an extended reach to give all customers an opportunity to shop with Umgee USA. With the ever

changing fast fashion of this modern world, allow Umgee to bridge that gap and shop with us to see how we can provide the best in quality, the best in price and

the best in customer service. Register and shop to begin a brand new journey with Umgee today.

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